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BCI Concrete has a large inventory of indirect heaters available for our customers. If you’re looking to temporarily heat a construction site with propane or natural gas, an indirect heater is perfect for you. They are safe, reliable, and keep your crew working in the cold temperatures.

We always start with a free consultation to determine the needs of your project and how many units will be required. Training is provided with the initial delivery so your rented equipment will operate at peak performance. Now you will be ready to deploy the equipment or you can hire US to do it for you. Once your heaters are setup and being monitored daily by your trained staff, our field service team will stop by your project on routine scheduled visits to do an overall health inspection of the equipment and perform any regular or preventative maintenance required.


Allmand Maxi Heat Indirect Heater

  • Maximum Heating Capacity: 1,000,000 BTU/h
  • Fuel Requirement: Diesel
  • Heated Air Volume: 3,530 CFM
  • Operating Time: 37.8 Hours
  • Certification: CSA

Frost Fighter – IDH 500 QR Indirect Fired Heater

  • Maximum Heating Capacity: 420,000 BTU/h
  • Fuel Requirement: LP/NG
  • Heated Air Volume: 4,800 CFM
  • Required Power: 120V/20amp
  • Maximum Duct Length: (1x) 16in = 100ft or (2x) 12in = 100ft per duct
  • Duct Intake: Yes – Optional for Recirculation
  • Certification: CSA/ETL

We truly understand the sensitivity of using this equipment and the consequences of down time in the winter season. That is why our focus is and always has been on our rigorous preventative maintenance program, routine field inspections, and 24/7 customer service and support.

Allmand Maxi Heat
frost fighter
Frost Fighter Heater


  • Proven & reliable commercial grade burner.
  • Over 81% efficiency.
  • Fully Insulated Jacket to minimize heat loss, increase efficiency and provide cool to the touch for safety.
  • Proven “Multi-Pass” Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger provides unsurpassed heat transfer.
  • Fully independent fan & combustion air provides consistent and dependable operation in cold weather and ensures pre-heating to eliminate cold air delivery at start-up.
  • High static pressure/high volume fan provides large volumes of air movement with or without ducting attached.
  • Available with Dual 12″ or Single 16” Outlet that can accommodate up to 100ft. of supply duct.
  • 16” Intake that can accommodate up to 50ft. of return duct to significantly reduce fuel consumption and heating times (length of intake duct attached requires equal reduction from 100ft. of supply duct ..e.g: 25ft intake = 75ft supply).
  • Compact design with highly durable 6-Ply Pneumatic tires, handles & lifting bail for easy transport.
  • Quiet operation of <62dB for noise sensitive areas.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • High efficiency stainless steel heat exchange.
  • Optional remote thermostat and 60 US Gallon Double-wall Environmental Fuel Tank are available.

Benefits Of Indirect Heaters

Indirectly fired heaters are a safe alternative to their common alternative, which is the direct fired heater. While direct fired heaters can be effective at heating a large space quickly, they often use an exposed flame to heat the air.

Our customers typically choose indirect heaters for their project’s needs simply because they are much safer. By having a flame source located outside of the building in a sealed unit, you minimize the risk of fire. You’re also able to exchange the air properly inside the building which eliminates fumes and other side negative side effects commonly associated with other heaters.

If you have questions on whether or not an indirect heater would work well for your project, please contact us!

Ideal For All Projects

Many companies are switching to indirect heaters for their construction heater needs. Our rental heaters are compatible with propane and natural gas, which gives our customers flexibility in the field.

Some of the indirect heater advantages include:

  • Clean Air: No direct flame or combustion gasses in your work area.
  • Portability: Easy to move around your site.
  • Thermostat: Set your desired temperature and let the heater maintain it.
  • Hot Air Recirculation: Rather than warming the cold outside air, our indirect heaters recirculate the air in your work area.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a long term project, does BCI Concrete offer long term rental agreements?2023-03-09T17:07:08+00:00

Yes, many of our customers need our machines for an extended period of time. We understand that projects and construction deadlines can change, and are willing to work with our customers to ensure their equipment needs are met.

Can BCI Concrete deliver this equipment to my project for me?2023-03-09T17:05:16+00:00

Yes, BCI Concrete can deliver forklifts and telehandlers to any state. Please contact us for a specific quote for your project.

Should I rent or purchase a telehandler or forklift for my project?2023-03-09T17:04:03+00:00

If you plan on doing multiple projects per year, it can make sense to purchase a telehandler or forklift. That said, you must properly maintain and inspect power equipment regularly, failure to do so can have major safety consequences. For that reason, many companies choose to rent telehandlers and forklifts as needed.

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